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Our Green Story

Green Dental is part of the DENT ESTET dental clinic group, market leader with a tradition of 14 years in the field, created in partnership with the Velvet Dental Clinic.

Green Dental was founded in 2007 and is the first dental clinic in Romania based on a new approach to dentistry – green dentistry.  Green dentistry reduces the impact of dental clinics on the environment by implementing a high- tech concept based on precaution, minimally invasive treatments and digital technologies. It also supports a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes prevention of problems and prolonging life, in contrast to repeatedly treating disease, which often happens.

Founders Dr. Oana Taban , CEO DENT ESTET, Cristi Misailescu and Cristi Costachescu , Managing Partners of Dental Velvet, were open to the ” Green Dentistry – Environmentally Responsible Dental Practice” project, proposed in July 2004 by the Greek department of the European Association of Dental Medicine Students and founded the first eco-dental clinic in Romania.

Their extensive experience in the field as well as their strong values ​​underlying their conduct, were conveyed to the Green Dental team along the years. Thus, the responsibility and respect for patients and environment as well as encouraging performance by maintaining the highest professional standards, are attributes which define Green Dental today.

  • Green Dental started out in 2007 with its own dental lab specialized in CAD ​​-CAM technology.  This is where technicians with over 10 years experience in the field are producing ​​a wide range of prosthetic devices.
  • Green Dental is a trusted partner for companies that take care of their employees’ health.

We are partners of the largest organizations in Romania who value the oral health of their employees whom we provide with quality dental services and customized financial packages. There are numerous benefits available, including integrated programs of reconstruction and maintenance of healthy and beautiful dentures. Fill out the form online and find out more!

  • Green Dental has a solution for any dental problem!

The Green Dental team was strengthened over time and consists of doctors specialized in various branches of dentistry, so you can find optimal solutions for any dental problem. In order to provide the highest standard services, the clinic is constantly investing in equipment. Regarding the team, Green Dental is one of the first dental clinics in Romania that implemented the concept of over specialization of the doctors, thus raising the quality of dental treatment.

  • With Green Dental you can enjoy advantageous financial solutions!

Over time we learned that an important aspect of successful dental treatment is the constant communication with our patients. At Green Dental, doctors are openminded and responsive to your desires. Therefore, they organize the treatment plan together with, offering you financial solutions fit to your possibilities.